Stereo vocals

how do i make good sounding vocal track that are stereo

Your question is a little vague, but.

To my knowledge a single vocalist doesn’t exactly have much stereo spread. A studio would generally use a GOOD mono capacitor microphone to record a vocalist. Any spread would generally be down to the use of stereo reverb.

Hope that helps.

well what i mean is that i want to have the vocal in stereo with out having to do multi track but there is no stereo reverb on this program

I tried the reverb on Audacity, and it does seem to be mono. One solution is to play back the dry vocal track through an external stereo reverb (That’s what I do, cause I like my digital reverb!) and bounce it to a stereo track. I don’t know if there is a stereo reverb add in for Audacity.

GVerb seems to be a mono reverb, but Freeverb is a stereo reverb.

You can also create a stereo reverb effect by making a couple of duplicate tracks from the original vocal, shift the copies slightly along the time line (try something in the region of 30 to 60 milliseconds) and pan one to the left and the other to the right. Reduce the volume of the delayed tracks and do a quick mix, then apply the reverb to the mix.

There are numerous variations on this technique depending on exactly what effect you want.

The bottom of this page has links to a few different reverb plugins:

Note that in order to use a stereo effect on a mono signal, you’ll have to turn the mono track into a stereo track. Do this by duplicating the original track and placing it directly below the original. Set the gain equal on both of them, and then click on the name of the first track → make stereo track. You’ll now have a stereo track containing a mono signal that you can apply a stereo effect to.