Stereo Mixdown Question

New user, new laptop.
Windows 8

Recording multiple tracks on a Zoom R24 recorder, then importing wav mono tracks into Audacity for mixing/mastering.

When I started, I was able to import tracks without problem, select them and then hit “record” to get a stereo mix, which let me adjust levels and panning during the recording. This worked without a hitch, and I thought this was very easy.

I then downloaded a driver to connect the laptop to my outboard dig audio converter. Went back to Audacity, and “record” no longer plays the tracks selected. Instead, it records a new stereo track from internal microphones.

There are probably settings or procedures I’m missing:

What are the settings to allow live adjustment to the mix?
Is there a track bounce option?
What procedure should be followed to mix multiple mono tracks to 1 stereo track?

Thanks in advance,

You are probably still recording the “Stereo Mix” to your regular soundcard (which is now nothing if you are sending Audacity’s output to the outboard device). You may have to check your Audacity recording set-up and try some other settings. Or, your “outboard dig audio converter” may not support recording “Stereo Mix” and you may not be able to use it with this mixing method.

When recording Stereo Mix, make sure the microphone (and any other unused/unwanted inputs) are turned-off in Windows Control Panel.

There are several ways to do it. You might check to see if there’s a ZOOM forum where you can get more-specific help…

You should be able to mix directly with the R24 (without a computer or software).

You may also be able to send audio into the R24’s USB port, and record the mix-down on the R24. (Then you can transfer it via USB back to the computer.)

Once you have all of your digital files and you’re ready to mix, there shouldn’t be any more recording. Typically when mixing digital audio files, you don’t mix “live” in real-time. You automate the volume settings (and optionally pan, etc.) and then “render” the file digitally (“Export” in Audacity). Audacity’s Envelope control is a kind of automation.

Did the R24 come with software? If not, you might look into DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software. It’s a LOT more complicated than an audio editor (like Audacity), but a DAW is more suited for multitrack recording & mixing. As a starging-point, REAPER is affordable ($60 USD) and popular for hobbyists.

Thanks Doug,

The R24 comes with Cubase LE, and I am working thru licensing problems with them. Audacity was suggested to me by a muso friend. While the R24 does have on board mix down capability, I wanted to experiment with DAW options.

Mono tracks were copied directly from the Zoom SD card to the laptop hard drive.

I will check my control panel settings and retry.

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