stereo mix

Hi i am trying to record a skype interview using audacity from what i have read i need to have stero mix as the input option in ausdacity however i am unabel to fined this option in audacity Please help

i have windows 7 and used the .exe installer

It’s not that easy. You need to run software designed to record Skype. Pamela Professional and Pamela Business are two programs that will record high quality Skype conversations split left to right so you can apply corrections and filters in post production.

You may find the lower two useful, but they have intentional problems designed to make you want one of the others.

Total Recorder for Windows will record Skype conversations as well.

Someone will correct me, but I think Krystal Audio Engine can do that.

The problem is Skype takes over the sound channels inside the computer, so you either get a crappy recording or you get crappy Skype. You rarely get good recordings without special software or hardware.


Oh, and to specifically answer your question, not all computers support Self Recording. It’s not a guaranteed service. We’ve written a bit on how to do that.