Stereo Mix playback problem

I spent about an hour figuring out how to record from “Stereo mix” into audacity (after configuring it). It records fine, and I can hear it, unlike earlier, when it wasn’t playing back at a noticeable amount.

When I record in audacity with the “Stereo Mix (RealTek High definition)”, I can hear the recording perfectly as I’m playing. However, when I play it back, there is a reverb effect. This occurs with anything I input. I tried playing audio from different locations; it kept occurring. How do I get this reverb to stop?

  • It’s not a problem with audacity itself. I tried recording with stereo mix into other programs, I still got the same problem.
  • I’ve tried fiddling about with the settings of the Stereo Mix itself.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Stereo Mix is an unnatural configuration where the computer’s playback service (YouTube Music) is intentionally turned around and fed back down the Record side of the computer so Audacity can grab it. Make sure the playback system listed in Audacity is a real hardware device, not a “fake” software device.

This is where you’re going to lose me because I’m not a Windows Elf. What does it say in your device toolbar?


Windows can add playback enhancement called “virtual surround” sound, which is reverb effect.
It can be turned off …

[Also worth trying WASAPI instead of “Stereo mix”].