Stereo Mix not recording full volume (about 60%)

Was wondering if anyone else came across this issue? Running Win7, onboard sound card, Realtek HD audio – had to download the old XP/Vista drivers to even get stereo mix to work in the first place.
I’m trying to rip the sound off of a video of a song I have on youtube, but I just want the track.

I would appreciate any input – have been searching for solutions for awhile

Typically, Stereo Mix runs the sound all the way out to the connection to the speaker system and then turns it around and brings it back in. The down side to that is the common complaint you can either get the speakers in the room bearable or get a good recording, not both at once. Disconnect the speakers while you’re recording and crank everything up.


I’ve literally changed nothing about my settings, but it seems that it’s recording in a better fashion. This is so strange!

I’ll keep your advice in mind if this happens again, I have no clue why it’s handling full volume now.

Probably a mistake, and could be why you get unpredictable behaviour.

You could try the Windows WASAPI host in Device Toolbar - see - though that usually does not record at more than about +/- 0.6 either.

If WASAPI works for you, then you could use the proper Windows 7 drivers intended for your computer model.