Steinberg UR816C - Availibility of Channels

Hi Audacity-Community,
I’m a proud owner of an Steinberg UR816C Audiointerface., which do offer up to 16 channels. Unfortunately in the setup of Audacity just 2 channels (stereo) are offered.
What can I do to see all 16 channels?

Thanks in advance

So you have a couple of choices. While Audacity does support 16 (or more) channels, this particular Steinberg device requires ASIO when it is used under Windows. And Audacity does not support ASIO out of the box. This is for purely for licensing reasons.

So, you could switch to a Mac computer, where it should work with Audacity. Or, you could compile your own private copy of Audacity WITH ASIO. This is free - it is just very very involved and most people who try end up giving up.

Of you could switch to another DAW such as Cakewalk, which is free.

Or, your interface should have come with Cubase.

I thought the Audiointerface is using WASAPI, hence I was expecting the availibilty of all channels :smirk:.
How can I check, which API is used by the Steinberg drivers?

Yes, but you only get two channels. This is not a limitation of WASAPI.

Try Cakewalk. It supports WASAPI as well as ASIO. And it is free. And you have the interface. When you do this report back and let us know what you find.

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