I have two audio files, where I’m trying to find what is written on them, but I can’t find a right way to clear the images to be visible.

Can someone help me find what is written on them?

Maybe nothing, or “nothing now”.

Fiddling with spectrogram settings, this looks like it might have been an “E” here (below).

One problem with using “lossy” compressed formats (such as Ogg / MP3 / AC3) is that those encoders discard parts of the audio that are “less important” to the sound, as part of the compression algorithm. Subtle spectral shapes may not survive the encoding process. If you have the original WAV file, then there’s a better chance of seeing any “spectral” messages that may be present.


This audio is the original one, I have one that is the video of this part, but have a lot of other noises, this one is the isolated audio already

There’s many ways to conceal text / data in an audio file. Some methods allow the message to be seen very easily, such as this example (below), while other methods are near impossible to see or decode without first knowing precisely how it was encoded.