Hello,I got a one question.
So I’m working on steganography,and one user hidden text in audio.
This text can’t be readed,but there’re white points,which completely shows that here exist some text information.
How can bright or see these white dots in Audacity?
Thank you for your help!

Some forms of steganography could add audio-frequencies which are rare/absent in speech, so will be conspicuous on a spectrogram of speech , (but could be faint/inaudible to the human-ear), i.e. you can see it, but you can’t hear it.

Did you mean changing frequencies?
Processing which for an example:
1 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 0
I know it. But I need advice on how to read this sentence, maybe a graphic editor?
I just can not put these white dots closer to each other for read this message. :frowning:

Are you sure it has a hidden message ? …

equally-spaced low-frequency bright-spots looks like music (drum).png
Try …

If you’re trying to create this text-on-spectrogram* effect …

see …

[ * the spectrogram has to be log(arthmic) scale , not linear, for the text to be displayed correctly]

This was generated with the on-line generator at and viewed in Audacity with default spectrogram settings (

Yes,I’m sure,stegoanalysis tools not helping,I tried any posibilities

Guys,here the wav file you will see original situation

Shift it up by 16kHz and it’s inaudible to most people …

This is an inaudible watermark.png


I did say there was a drum on it :sunglasses:

The spectrum looks normal to me : certainly no glaring text on it.
There are steganography methods which don’t show up on the spectrogram.