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I have an IK Multimedia Stealth Plug. It (theoretically) allows me to plug my guitar directly into my laptop via the USB port. Has anybody attempted using this device in conjunction with Audacity? If so, were you successful? If you were, in fact, successful, how did you make it work? I have not been able to get anything productive out of this thing, and IK Multimedia isn’t particularly helpful on the subject. Any help that I could get on this subject would me most appreciated.

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I wrote up what I went through to get my USB microphone to work. You may get some hints in there. Does it do anything?

USB Microphone

Thank you for the rapid reply. I neglected to mention that I am running Windows XP. The Stealth Plug does bring up its own little control panel, but the panel does not give me the option to apply the device to anything. I note that in your write up, you were running an Apple system. Would the set up be similar, or are the operating systems too different?

I should probably mention, too, that I have the stable version of Audacity and not the Beta version.

That’s why we have a “Windows” section on the forum, and separate sub-sections for Audacity 1.2.x and 1.3.x

Close all applications.
Plug in your USB device and wait for Windows to recognise it.
Open Audacity
In the “Edit” menu, select “Preferences”
On the “Audio I/O” tab of Preferences, make sure that your USB device is selected as the recording input, and your sound card is selected as the playback output.
Restart Audacity to ensure that changes are applied.

Thank you, Steve. I did see the Windows section, along with the sub-section. I asked in this section because, other than the Stealth Plug, Audacity has been great. I viewed it as an equipment problem as opposed to a program problem. I thought that I had posted in the proper place. Please forgive the error.

Anyway, I have gotten the Stealth Plug working, and thank you to both of you who responded.

No problem Mojo - it’s surprising how often it ends up being specific to the operating system and Audacity version even though it at first appears to be indipendent of them. It has even been suggested that these “general” boards should be removed because of the number of times that questions need to be back-tracked to “What’s the OS? What’s the Audacity version?”

Anyway, the important thing is that you’re up and running. Happy music making :wink: