Static sound when normalized

So I saw someone else pose this problem a few years ago but the post was merged with another one and I can’t find it. After finishing one voice over recording with no issues, I opened a new file to begin recording and since then, audacity picks up a loud static noise that isn’t present in my sound proof booth. Different mics do not help and nothing changed as far as my settings go. With my audiotechinca mic, it wont show any buzzing/static until I normalize, with my built in mic its picking up sound at a really loud rate and still buzzing, same with a headset mic. I uninstalled and reinstalled, reset and updated my computer, checked my drivers on everything and still the same sound. Any help or direction towards this question having been already answered would be appreciated.

RMS normalize or loudness normalization, can push parts of the waveform over 0dB and cause clipping, which is a cracking/buzzing sound.

There is an audacity tool to show if there is clipping … https ://

Clipping can be fixed with a (soft) limiter without make-up gain.

Thanks for the reply, I miscommunicated but it only shows when normalized on my professional mic. On other mics it will show up as loud static and buzzing immediately. I have also noticed the buzzing isn’t there when I am speaking into the microphones, only when there is silence.

That suggests there is processing occurring before the sounds gets to Audacity.
All Windows audio-enhancements, (recording & playback), should be switched off, see …

I will look into it again but nothing changed between when I recorder my first voice over to the second one when the problem started. It was only a handful of seconds after I closed one and opened the other. Hopefully the video solution will fix it, otherwise I am not sure what else to do since it literally started for no reason.

Windows updates can reset Windows audio enhancements to their default settings, (they can be on by default).

[ If you have reinstalled audio driver there could also be a second layer of audio enhancements which needs to be turned off ].