Static Sound Appeared After Editing

Newbie here- use Audacity at a fairly basic level to edit easy 30 minute podcasts.

I have a file I started editing. Sound was good and I was plugging along through it. At one point (About 10 mins in), I did try to adjust audio using filter curve and adding Treble Boost, trying to get a more solid sound.

When I walked away for a few minutes and came back to start editing again, I heard static, but only when I am talking (can’t use the noise reduction trick). This wasn’t there before.

I restarted the computer. Still there.

I have no other open files or programs. At first I thought it was headphones, but I removed them and its still there. Then, I thought maybe if I save a file and reopen it, it will be clear again, but it is not.

What’s baffling, is the audio was clear. Even the first 10 minutes which I edited and added music, intro etc., was in good shape. Now it’s full of static.

Any ideas? I don’t mind recording over if I have to- just trying to learn from mistakes or what may be happening here.

Please attach to your reply, a few seconds of the recording in WAV format, so that we can see what sort of “static sound” it is.

See attached sample!

Thank you!

Your attachment didn’t work, but did the waveform [u]show red[/u] (clipping = distortion)?

The waveform looks completely normal- no red.


I tried to re-attach sample to see if that works.)