Static and crackling when recording anything

I’m using Windows XP and Audacity 2.0.3 and whenever I record I get a lot of static or crackling. It doesn’t record anything except the crackling. I’m just trying to record game audio, so I don’t even have a mic plugged in. Here is how it looks:

Crackling (this happens when I use stereo mix):
Static (this happens when I use anything else):

I didn’t want to upload the sounds because it’s just plain ol’ static and crackling, You’ve heard it millions of times…
So any help would be nice :slight_smile:

btw. The question marks next to the HD Audio are there because my audio device has a serbian name, so it’s written in cirilic.
And, I guess, Audacity can’t read cirilic so it just replaces it with question marks…

There is something badly wrong with either your sound card or the sound card drivers.
The blue wiggly line should be around the middle of the track (as shown below) not offset as in your screen shots.
See here for how to check and update the sound card drivers:

If that does not help then you may need a new sound card.