startup macro

I would like to be able to run audacity with a macro at startup. Is this possible?

Audacity does not have that feature.

What are you trying to achieve?

Sorry for long delay. I gave up on this and moved on to other things.

What I wanted to achieve was to create background music for a slide show presentation by making a random selection from a file of tracks. I had a script to select files and randomly assign them to a number. Audacity would then open the first, import the rest, align them all and export a single track.

I wonder if this could be accomplished via AutoHotkey or Python?

I expect it can. Either of them can launch applications and then send commands to that application.

I fear Python is beyond me. I believe AutoHotKey is a Windows program, but I am running linux.

Try “AutoKey”.

Thanks @Steve, I’m looking into that.