startup help - microphone not working? [SOLVED]

I have the windows 7, .exe format, 2.0.5 type of audacity.

I downloaded it, went through all the installation prompts, have the program open, but when I press create new track and try to record, the microphone doesn’t pick up any sound. I’ve never used the microphone on my computer before. (ASUS) I probably am missing a setting in the control panel, or maybe have the wrong type of microphone selected in audacity, not sure. But, something is not working properly right now and I’m too technologically incompetent to figure it out. Any help?

btw I have an ASUS F75A laptop, and it is supposed to have an integrated microphone. That means it’s built in and does not require an external mic, right?

If you want to use the built-in microphone, you have to select it in Audacity’s Device Toolbar .

If you do not see the built-in microphone in Device Toolbar, this means it is disabled in Windows “Sound”.

To fix that, follow the instructions at to right-click in empty space in the “Recording” tab of Windows “Sound”, choose “Show Disabled Devices”, then right-click again and choose “Show Disconnected Devices”. The built-in microphone should then have appeared.

Right-click over the built-in microphone and choose “Enable”. If that is the only input you want to use, you can right-click over it again and choose “Set as Default Device”. Then restart Audacity.

Note that you will not get professional quality recordings from a built-in microphone. There will probably be high-levels of noise.


Thank you, I ended up using my computer’s basic troubleshooter for the microphone and lo and behold, we have music.