Starting a record with a command line parameter

I don’t find it here, neither in the help/faq: is it possible to start audacity (v2.0.6) on Windows 8.1 (64) with a command line argument to directly start a record?
I want to do a mail command through Thunderbird (with Add-On: Mailbox Alert 0.6.14), with this I want to start a record through my PC microphone.
At the moment I do this with TeamViewer but this is not very comfortable with a small display smartphone.

Are there command line parameters in Audacity? Where are they documented?



Strange, that this might not be possible. Command line arguments sometimes so useful, just not available? Strange.
Never mind, I do it now with AutoHotkey:
With the Window Spy I can get the ClassNameNN. For record it is wxWindowClassNR9. Strange here, that WinSpy shows wxWindowClassNR8 but all buttons are +1, dont now why.

To start the record I have record.ahk:

Run "c:Program Files (x86)Audacityaudacity.exe"
Sleep 3000
ControlClick, wxWindowClassNR9, Audacity

To stop the record I wrote stop.ahk:

ControlClick, wxWindowClassNR6, Audacity

Both ahk I just start as command through Mailbox Alert:

  1. adding a new Mailbox Alert for my Mail account
  2. setting a Filter for the mail account (extras / filter)
    Then if TB runs and the mail account gets an email with the filter word (in my example e.g. #record) it should start the recording after opening Audacity.


Thanks, Frank. Audacity can open AUP and audio files using the command-line but can’t start recording from the command-line.

Is “TB” Thunderbird?

It might be useful to link to this topic from one or two pages on our Wiki Would you agree if we wanted to do that?


What pitty :frowning:

Yes, Mozilla Thunderbird


If you are prepared to compile/develop Audacity you can potentially do so, because you can then call the Record menu item from any script that supports named pipes. See Scripting. I don’t recall if Record is an available command, or if you would have to add it.

Most people will want to do something like you did, or