Start recording when in a different window.

Hello fellow, humans!

I’m new to these forums but I need to ask a question about the lovely Audacity. So here’s my predicament:

I’m using Audacity 2.1.0 on a Windows 8 64-bit system. So what I’m trying to do is record audio when I’m currently in a seperate window. I’m trying to record a YouTube video and I have a seperate program for recording video but I’m using Audacity for the audio. I obviously need the audio to be synced with the video and the easier it is to sync, the better. So what I have a keyboard shortcut that I can press on the video recorder and even when I’m currently using a different program it will start recording. However in Audacity I have to be currently clicked into it in order to start recording. I want to just be able to press two buttons in succession and have everything start recording. Is this possible? For reference I’m recording with a C-Media USB Microphone.

I think that’s about it. If you need anymore information just let me know. I don’t know how well I explained it. To summarize: How can I make it so that keyboard shortcuts work when I’m in a different window.

Thanks in advance!

I think that’s a no. Audacity needs screen focus for its controls to work unless you’re using the timer, and it’s possible even then…

I’m surprised it works at all with another entertainment production program running. That usually causes all kinds of troubles.

I did a bit of video editing and I’m wondering what you’re doing in Audacity that you can’t do in your editor. What is your editor?


Not yet. It’s called a global shortcut that works when an application is running, even if you are in some other application.


So there’s no way to make it a global shortcut.

Not yet. I made a note that you are interested in this feature.