Standard Volume Settings?

Are there standard volume settings used for MP3’? I create Self-Hypnosis MP3’s, and usually set the volume based on how it sounds during playback on my Mac, there is nothing “standard” which means most of the MP3’s I’ve created probably have completely different volumes over the years. I suspect I’ve been doing it wrong… probably making my clients frustrated every time they need to adjust the volume between tracks.

What should I be doing that will allow multiple MP3’s to have the same (or at least very similar) volume settings every time I export? So that regardless of my recording volume the end product will be “standardized”

Is is normalize? Compress? Or something else?

Thank you for your help!

The latest version of Audacity has “Loudness Normalization” …

“MP3 gain” is something similar … MP3Gain - Wikipedia

Hi Guys, a newbie here. Why can’t I use the “Normalize” function under Effects Tab ii Audacity? I mean, it’s there, written, but it pale and not clickable… How can I be able to use it? Thanks guys…

Is is normalize? Compress? Or something else?

Audacity has the Audiobook Mastering Suite. The audiobook people demand that all their works have the same volume, so we designed three tools that guarantee that volume with no peak distortion or other problems. If you just use Loudness Normalization, you can have peak or loudness distortions here and there. Loudness Normalization doesn’t pay any attention to peaks.

This is the short form.

This also has the advantage of the client being able to go back and forth between an audiobook and your work with no change in volume.

Audiobooks also have requirements for certain amount of silence before and after chapters, content restrictions, etc, but you don’t need to pay attention to any of that.


So, by default, most of the Audacity effects are grayed out until after you select some audio to work with. If you have audio showing on the screen, then Ctrl+A should select all of it, and the effects should work.

I hope this helps. :smiley: