Splitting Tracks

I am currently new with Audacity, using windows 8, and Audacity 2.0.5. I absolutely love the software and have been having a blast learning. I have searched FAQ’s , but maybe I’m not wording my search question right.
When I am working on a project with multiple tracks, i.e. 2 separate vocal tracks, a piano track, a guitar track, sometimes I don’t have time to finish my editing. When I save the project, how do I go back to it the next day to start back where I left off?

Secondly, If I have saved a project as an mp3 and exported it, is it possible to import it back and split it back into separate tracks instead of just the two tracks that it got mixed down to?

Open the AUP file. It will probably still be in the list at File > Recent Files.

You can read more about projects here: Managing Audacity Projects - Audacity Manual .

If you have exported a stereo file (left and right channels) in any format, then you can reimport it into Audacity and click the Track Name > Split Stereo Track to be able to manipulate left and right channels independently. See Splitting and Joining Stereo Tracks .

You cannot get back to the four individual tracks that you had in the project without reopening the project.

If you wish to export then reimport for further work, always export as WAV, not MP3 or any other lossy formats. MP3 if required should only be for the finished work.


OK…thank you.

If you you export as a multi-channel WAV by choosing “Use Custom Mix” in Import / Export Preferences then you can reimport that WAV and have access to all four tracks in lossless quality.

You will not have access to the additional features that projects have, such as envelope points .