Splitting tracks at regular time intervals[SOLVED]


I will be recording lots of talking cassette tapes using audio cable plugged into my mac and Audactiy software. However I want to quickly and easily split the single audio recording into separate tracks at certain time intervals e.g. every 30 seconds or 1 minute. This makes playback and re-playback of snippets much easier.
I don’t want to have to manually split as this would take forever. I have read the FAQ and the only mention of ‘automatic’ splitting is based on silences in the track - however I do not want this and I am not recording music tracks anyway, rather lots of speaking.

Many thanks.

P.S. If this is not possible with Audacity can anyone suggest a similar free program (preferably for mac) which can do this. Also if it is not currently an available feature in Audacity I strongly recommend that it should be added to future Audacity releases.

You can do it semi-automatically. You can cause Audacity to place regularly spaced labels into a show. File > Export Multiple will cause Audacity to split the show into individual exported song files at the label points.

Now I need to remember how to set those labels.


Here it is. Analyze > Regular Interval Labels.


Many thanks Koz. That seems to work well and should do the job nicely.