Splitting out different sounds on audio file

I have an audio recording done at my church where there was prophetic word given with music playing at the same time. Is there a way to split out the sounds so that one can be eliminated so you can hear the other? Thanks.

Audacity has Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation.

If it’s a mono recording (one blue wave) or two-track mono (two blue waves, but they’re the same), you’re out of luck. The tool needs stereo separation to work.

As a pretty firm rule, you can count on a complete inability to split a mixed performance into individual voices and instruments. Once everything is mixed into one show, you’re pretty much stuck.


Is there any apps out there that might be able to split it out on my iphone?

Post back here if you find one.


Dunno about iphone but I think the only hope you’d have is Melodyne


But, and it is a BIG BUT, their demo videos tend to use very carefully selected pieces of music usually featuring female vocalists and a nice frequency separation from most of the instrumentation.

Throw a lower male gravelly voice like mine in and any possibility of coherent isolation becomes remote.

This response to the youtube vid sums it up

Let’s see…about 6 minutes for a phrase times maybe 22 phrases for this song (conservatively, give or take), not accounting for harmonized vocals that would be difficult to extract… that’s roughly 132 minutes or 2.2 hours of non-stop clicking and dragging, not including file import/export and providing there’s no special cases where it would take longer, if at all possible, because of harmonic content…and trust me there WILL be special cases. Additionally the complementary skill sets required for this kind of manipulation needs to be pretty high level in order to be acceptable quality, regardless of the ease in which it’s done in the video.

Im not knocking Melodyne - the latest studio version 4 is pretty amazing for
auto-creating a tempo map from a variable tempo song or instumental and then automatically stretching drums or other instrument tracks to fit. Just a little tweaking needed.