Splitting multiple tracks

Hello … If I have seven tracks on the screen, I have recorded them one after another, is there a way that I can split all of the tracks at the same time mark ? Thanks !

By “tracks” do you mean you have seven, named, Audacity tracks? Or do you mean you have seven songs recorded on after another on one Audacity track?

Which version of Audacity are you using, and which version of Mac OS?

– Bill

Using High Sierra 10.13.2 … Audacity 2.1.2 … I recorded in multi-track, on one screen, one stereo track of rhythm guitar and percussion, and then six tracks of lead guitar. I would like to split all of the tracks at the end of the eighth bar. Can this be done by putting a marker at the 8th bar of the original stereo track as a reference point? I know I can go to each track, find the point where the 8th bar ends and split the track there, but is there an easier way.

Click at the point in the top track where you want to make the split. Then do Shift+down arrow repeatedly to extend the selection to the rest of the tracks. Then do Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split.
– Bill

Oh Man ! Thanks so much Bill … that makes life so much easier. I could not find the method of doing this anywhere, maybe not looking in the right places. Thanks Again !
… Mike