Splitting mp3 files

Hello all!

I have lost my audacity aup3 project files and my ability to export those files to mp3. Can Audacity/another software reverse the process taking an mp3 file and splitting it into tracks to be exported to an aup3 file? Is there anyway to reverse the exporting process? If not, could such technology exist in the future?


If not, is there a way I can remove all of the tracks and get just the voice track?

You can import multiple files into a new project with File → Import → Audio.

They may overlap each other in-time so you might have to click & drag the track name to move them around.

Thankfully, my issue isn’t with importing. My concern was if that mp3 file is inside of Audacity, is it possible for Audacity to analyze the tracks, figure out all of the background music soundtracks tracks vs the spoken track and be able to take an mp3 file and split it not according to dividing a single track, but dividing that one track into its auditory components?

In a word, no.

There was an GSOC project started a year ago that addressed this issue, but to my knowledge it was never completed. See here: https://www.audacityteam.org/gsoc-2021-work-product-source-separation-and-deep-learning-tools/

There is a third party tool called Spleeter. I don’t know much about it but you can look it up on your own.