Splitting large audio files

I have recently downloaded Audacity as it was recommended to me.
I am trying to split a large MP3 audio file into a number of smaller files. The large file is over 1o hours and I want to split in into multiple files between 5 and 6 minutes, so there will be over 100.
I cannot see how to do this after reading the manual. I have looked at a number of Youtube videos but they show how to split MANUALLY by marking each section. This seems rather time consuming and I am hoping that there is a simple way to do this AUTOMATICALLY.
I wonder if anyone could direct me somewhere I might find an “idiots” guide to do what I am trying to do.

You can tell Audacity to automatically bust up a long file into identical length chunks. Any minute I’m going to find it.


I thought it used to be Edit > Labels > Regularly Spaced Labels…

After you place the labels, Audacity will export individual files broken at the labels.