splitting files

Is there any way to split a file. I have a file 20 mins long. I want to insetrt a one minute clip in the middle of it. Can i splitthe 20 min file and move it and inser the piece in the middle

win 7 64 bit Audacity 2.1.1.

That’s pretty easy and there are a couple ways to do it.
First just mark the location where you want the cut with the cursor (and be sure it’s the only track selected). Now with the cursor on your mark, press end on your keyboard to highlight from the cursor to the end of the track (this will be the new 2nd half)
Next, go to the edit drop-down and select “Clip Boundaries” then “Split New” and you should get a new track at the bottom of just the 2nd half of the track and the 1st half remains less the part cut.

NOTE: If you try this without highlighting the part of the track you want, I find that the entire song (entire screen) gets highlighted and only doing an undo will get you back to where you were. Don’t know why. This also happens when you use the “split cut” function under “remove special” w/o highlighting the part as well. Do experiment with a test track so if it messes up you won’t lose your work.

Otherwise, you can cut and paste to a new track you’ve created just like in a word processor. Just have the cursor at the location you want the new section to start from.

For inserting another part into a track, use the boundary split then with the time shift tool, move the 2nd part out of the way and paste in the extra part you want. Then again using the shift tool, move the parts together again. Others will probably have different ways (maybe better?) but these work well for me.

BTW, do have the manual handy for quick help on any function you need to understand. Hope this helps,



Thanks very much.

The boundary split then with the time shift tool, move the 2nd part out of the way and paste in the extra part

exactly what I wanted :smiley:

Thanks, Ken for answering Jack’s question.

Because you did not tell Audacity which part you wanted to split to a new track, it assumes you meant the action to apply to all the project. You can turn this behaviour off at “Select all audio in project, if none selected” in Tracks Preferences. If that preference is off, Split Cut and Split New are greyed out when there is no selection.


Thanks Gale! That explains a lot and is a great tip! Perfect!