Splitting files on same track

Running Audacity 2.1.2 on a Dell Inspiron with drivers and BIOS up to date and a terabyyte of storage. 16 gigs of ram.

Can’t find an instruction that allows splitting one continuous recording into separate files on the same track. I did it before through a fluke and cannot remember how I did it the first time! Arranging them and moving the separate files about the timeline is no problem, but how to split them into separate files is eluding me and I don’t see how to do this in the manual or in the FAQs. I know the answer is simple, but I can’t find it. I must rearrange some sound effect files into separate blocks and I don;t want to resort to cut and paste which will necessitate a screwed timeline track somewhere else in the project. I have over two dozen tracks (stereo) that have to mix down into one and all are placed to where they play beautifully on my timeline except for this one.

A few “technical” terms that will help us to understand each other:

A “file” is package of data stored on a disk (or other storage medium).

An “audio clip” is a continuous section of audio in an Audacity track.

An “audio track” (in Audacity) is mono or stereo and has a track control panel on the left end (http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/audio_tracks.html)
An audio track may contain one or more audio clips (or even none, in which case it is an empty track).

I also use the non-technical term “song” to refer to a song, continuous piece of music, sound effect, or other continuous bit of sound (I use the term “song” so as to avoid confusion with the term “track”, which could be a CD track, or an Audacity track, or some other sort of track).

To split an audio track into multiple clips, use the “Split” command (Shortcut: Ctrl + i) See: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/edit_menu_clip_boundaries.html

Does that answer your question?