Splitting a recording into separate tracks

I have the audio files for two song medleys of three songs each. For more than a day, I had been trying to extract each of the six tracks without success, but I finally found the Audacity report entitled, “Splitting a recording into separate tracks.” Unfortunately, the Audacity method doesn’t work. That is my feedback on the report. I tried it many times, well, maybe six times, but It never achieved the stated results.

Does anyone know of a simple and foolproof way of using Audacity to extract the separate songs from medleys?
(Thu Jul 15; 4:32 PM)

I have found better instructions. They weren’t good enough for me to finish my project, but I did get halfway through.i also learned that Audacity is much too difficult for me. I won’t try again. The better set of instructions, the one that enabled me to get halfway through, is “How To Split Audio In Audacity-Edit Your Audio Like A Pro.” Good luck with it. Oh, these instructions were updated July 11, 2021.
(Thu Jul 15, 2021; 9:19 PM)
PS: Two days wasted just trying to extract six songs from two medleys.

The easy way to export a single song from a long track is:

  1. Select the region that contains the song (https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/audacity_selection.html)
  2. “File menu > Export > Export Selected Audio” (https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/file_menu_export.html)

Thanks for the additional information. After what I’ve been through, I just didn’t have the heart to try again when I received the links, but I intend to come back to the project Saturday and, if need be, Sunday. The only thing that keeps me going is the belief that it SHOULD be easy to do despite my experience to the contrary.
(Fri Jul 16, 2021; 4:00 PM)

I quit! I now see that spending any more time with Audacity instructions would just be self-imposed torture. I had planned on spending as much as two days to figure things out, but I now see that that would be a waste of time. No, failing with three different sets of Audacity instructions is evidence enough that Audacity and I can never be partners. Hell, I couldn’t even get past the first of thirteen pages of the latest set of instructions. With the second set, I was at least able to separate the medley into its three parts. However, I do thank you for you help.