Splitting 2 speakers into seperate channels from a mono trac


I need to split many WAV files that are in mono with two speakers into stereo with each speaker in their own channel. Currently, I am using Audacity to:

  1. listening to the file
  2. Set a label at each speaker switch (there are only two speakers)
  3. Splitting the mono track into segments based on the labels
  4. Using the mouse to drag every other segment to a blank track
  5. Merging the tracks to one stereo file and saving it.

I’m wondering if there are plugins and/or scripts that may help with parts of this process:

  1. Speaker identification: I’ve tried several tools, none have worked well enough that it saves me much time because of the double checking and fixing I need to to. I think this will have to be manual, however, it seems I could automate after setting the labels, particularly when:
  2. Moving every other split segment into a different track. This certainly seems like it could be automated. Are there any existing scripts that people are aware that I can take a look at that my help? I briefly looked over the Nyquist documentation but thought viewing an existing script would be a better learning tool. Alternatively, is there something built it to audacity that may help.


You’re probably right.

Using Audacity 1.3
You can then label regions of the track (Audacity 1.2 only marks single points)
By clicking on a label name, it will select the region that is defined by the label.

The way that I would do the task:

  • Select the track (click below the track name) and press Ctrl+D to duplicate the track.
  • Use the mouse to select the first region of voice 1 on track 1 and either (a) from the Edit menu select “Silence Audio”, or (b) press Ctrl+L (which does the same thing.
  • Press “Enter” to deselect the track, and use the cursor keys to move to the other track, then press “Enter” to select the same region of that track.
  • Use the mouse while holding down the SHIFT key and click to the LEFT of the selected area on the second track, and drag the selection to the RIGHT (past the end of the first voice) until the second voice is included in the selection. (Use the Space bar, or Play button to listen to the selection and extend it as necessary)
  • Press Ctrl+L to silence the second voice on track 2.

If you continue in this way you will end up with voice 2 on track 1 and voice 1 on track 2.

Useful tip:
The “B” key will make Audacity play the area between the mouse pointer and the nearest edge of the selected region (do not click the mouse while doing this or you will move or remove the selected region).