Spliting Songs from an LP recording

Hi everyone - newbie here. I just started recording some LP sides into Audacity (I’m using 1.3 Beta for Windows) and wonder if there’s an easy way to “split off” the songs, put them in individual tracks, label them, etc. The end goal is to record them as an LP side (4-7 songs), then take the side and split it into individual songs, label them with song/artist name, album, etc then convert them to mp3 so I can load them into itunes as individual songs.

I read a lot of stuff in the tutorial but am getting lost with what is the easiest/fastest way to accomplish this. Any advice?

Is this the tutorial you are talking about? http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Splitting_a_recording_into_separate_tracks

If so, what in there do you not understand?

– Bill

Hadn’t found that page of instructions billw58 - thanks for pointing it out to me. Just tried it with an album side I recorded and it worked great! Now I only have about 1000 LP sides to go! Thanks again!

Keith, the other tool that Bill and I both use dor “cleaning” LP transcriptions is a piec iof software called ClicRepair - it costs a little ($40 when I last looked, but is well worth it IMHO - see this sticky thread: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/click-pop-removal-clickrepair-software/1933/1

With c. 1,000 LPs to work on that’s only 4c. an LP :slight_smile:

What I do is capture the LP (one side at a time), Export a 32-bit WAV of the capture, process this through ClickRepair and then re-import the repaired fWAV file back into Audacity for all further processing.