I just updated the version of Audacity to 2.3.0 on my HP laptop using Windows 10.
I record a regular weekly radio show in advance of broadcast and I don’t usually have a lot of time. I edit a lot after recording and used to find the key command for splitting a track in sections for removal without changing the position of the overall track very useful. This new version of Audacity doesn’t seem to have this function, not without having to click on Edit, Split Boundaries, Split. Its too time consuming! It used to be Control + i. Highlighting the section of the track to remove and then deleting with move the remainder of the track to fill the deleted bit, requiring me to re align the whole recording in relation to other tracks. Any news on this please?

Because there are now so many keyboard shortcuts, it became difficult for people to find available keys for custom keyboard shortcuts. To resolve this problem, there are now TWO default sets of shortcuts. The “Standard” set has only the most common shortcuts (does not include Ctrl + i). The “Full” set contains all of the “factory set” (including “Ctrl + i”).

To change to the full set:
“Edit menu > Preferences > Keyboard => Defaults”
see also: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/keyboard_preferences.html

Many Thanks. :slight_smile: