split track then select just one of the selections?

i feel sort of stupid posting this but it seems that this task is impossible in audacity? I have 2 hour lecture that i want to split into 30min bits… So i position cursor where i want to split, then select split. But then how do i select one of the selections that i just made? The only way i can see how is by dragging over it, and that takes forever. there must be a better way?? thanks for any help.

Just click in an area of empty space in the Track Panel (the panel at the left side of each track) to select the entire track. With the Selection Tool active (the vertical bar icon), click any where in the waveform and then drag to select just a part of the track. The Audacity manual is one of the best I’ve ever come across (Help…Manual) and time spent investigating that will not be time wasted.

To select an “audio clip” (a split section of a track), double click in it.