split track into clips and label from soft to loud?

I have a bunch of timpani hits that I need to put into volume order. I was hoping there was a way to automatically split each hit into its own clip, and then label them from loud to soft, perhaps by their peak db level, or rms? There are a lot, so doing manually would be really time consuming.

Can’t find a way to do it in any DAW and was wondering if anyone knew of a way that Audacity could do it?



Export Multiple, based on labels , (silence finder may be helpful).
You’ll have to manually create the labels: give each a name which begins with the peak volume, e.g. “-10.5dB timpani”.
Then the sorting process of the exported tracks is automatic in the folder, (e.g. alphabetical-order).
Then drag’n’drop all of the sorted files (at once) from the folder into an Audacity window, then align the tracks end to end.

You could write a Nyquist Macro to measure the peak levels and name / label them according to the measured peak level. However, it’s probably more work to write the macro than it is to sort or label the sounds manually.

No, I think the macro might be the way to go because I have tons, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hits, so doing it manually sounds terrible.

Thanks I’ll look into how to write one!


Trying to figure out how to do it with a macro.

Using the show-amplitude.ny script I’m able to get the peak… but I can’t figure out how to program it so it copies the number that outputs to the window into the filename and save the new file…

It really would be a huge timesaver as I have thousands of very small file.