Split suggestions

Samplitude was (and still is?) very useful for mastering albums. Here is how the same could be achieved in Audacity, requiring minor changes or merely additions:

One song is stored in one split.

(1) Song order: When a split is moved, it should be inserted to nearest split-point. Other splits moves forward to make room.

(2) Song volume: Initial volume envelope is (begin,1.0)-(end,1.0). The first modification should vertically adjust the initial envelope: (begin,0.5)-(end,0.5), for example. Now first modification adds a new envelope point.

I’m not familiar with Samplitude.
In Audacity you can move audio clips around with the Time Shift tool.
Audacity also has amplitude envelopes: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/envelope_tool.html

OK. I put it this way. Two problems in Audacity:

(1) The moved clip is not inserted between other clips, because other clips are not moved away. E.g., I may move the last song (a clip) between 2nd and 3rd songs.

(2) I cannot move the initial envelope (clip_begin,1.0)-(clip_end,1.0) down, instead Audacity adds a new point and moves the point.

Sounds as easy additions (not modifications). I may look at these myself.

It is if you paste it there, or you can just drag the other clips to make room for it and then drag it there.
I can see that being able to drag (for example) the last song (a clip) between 2nd and 3rd songs, could be useful in some cases.

I presume that if you drag the second clip to the end, the third clip closes up the gap so that it comes straight after the first clip? What if you don’t want the other clips to move - if you only want to move the 2nd clip and leave a gap where the 2nd clip was? How would you do that?

Why does that matter? You can put that control point anywhere you want, even at the very first sample if that’s where you want it.

Automatic movement of other clips are usually done with Constraints. Very first graphics software used them with great success; less programming and thinkering. First note editors used constraints to allow composer to, e.g., insert notes between.

User may want to copy and move multitrack parts in a remix project; many clips should move automatically.

User may want automatically enlarge the region label if a song (clip) is added to album (region label), or songs cut out.

Some time ago I had problem with the labels: when I cut out audio, the labels were not moved - label was marking wrong region of audio; constraints system could give a general tool to handle these cases, whether it is clips, envelopes, labels, or something we yet don’t have.

I don’t want add new control point, but it is added now by default. I just want move the envelope edge. It is easy to move the initial envelope edge (as in my example), but what if we want move an edge of more complex envelope? Requires some thinkering and math (exactly what I’m used to do; maybe i can do this).