"split stereo to mono" option isn't available

I’m only getting sound in one side of my headphones. Everything I read says to click on “split stereo to mono.” That option is in light gray vs dark gray, so it won’t let me click on it. I’ve tried uninstalling Audacity and reinstalling but I have the same issue. I have Windows 10 and I’m using a Behringer audio interface.

You could have two tracks that aren’t stereo like this:

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 10.38.46.png
Note the top one says “Left” and the bottom one says “Right.”

Select the top one and Make Stereo Track.

That should jam the two tracks together into Stereo and the Split to Mono should start working.


That “split stereo to mono” option is greyed-out (deactivated) when the track is already mono, (no stereo to split).

The cause of the one-side problem lies elsewhere …

Assuming your headphones work with the computer when using other software, (e.g. internet browser),

you should check the track pan-slider is midway between Left & Right …

Hi again,
Those were both helpful tips in helping me learn this program but I still only have sound in one ear. I have sound in both if I plug directly into the computer so it’s not the headphones. I’m only using input 1 with a mic (the audio interface has 2 input slots.) I made sure I opened a “new” track in mono and the cursor is in the middle of L and R. How do I screen shot Audacity?

Audacity has screenshot tools in the “Tools” menu …

Alternatively Windows has a screengrab built-in called snipping tool.

a Behringer audio interface.

They make a number of them. Which one do you have?

From fuzzy memory, my Behringer UM2 mixes everything down to mono for both sides of my stereo headphones. Are you sure you have the headphones plugged in all the way? A partially pushed in headphone plug may only give Left sound.


I think we need to back-up a bit…

After recording, before you do anything, do you see one silent track (bottom=right) and one track with a waveform (top=left)?

Then after split to mono and exporting (to WAV or MP3, etc.), do you get a mono file that plays out of both speakers? If you re-open that exported file do you see a mono file?

I assume you can open and play a regular stereo file (a music file, etc.) in Audacity and you can hear it in stereo?

If that works, we can work on the “cause” of your problems -
It’s normal to get sound on only one channel when recording into one channel of a stereo (2-channel) interface. You can (usually) set it up for recording to mono but you’ll probably only be hearing sound in one side while recording. You’ll also get a reduced digital signal (leaving “room” for the unused input) but it’s normal to adjust the level after digitizing anyway.

I think y’all missed the clues.

I have sound in both if I plug directly into the computer

It’s fine in the computer. It’s only when listening to the Behringer that it’s left-only.