Split Oversized file into two separate files

I am very new to this stuff and a total novic with Audacity. I have a standard mp3 file that is 35 MBs too large for copy to a standard CD. I want to split the recording into two manageable sizes and burn to two separate cds as different files. Can you help me?


I’m also new, but, this should work:

  1. Under “Project”, select “Import Audio”; then browse to your mp3 file & select it;

  2. After it’s in Audacity, us the track scroll button to move to halfway or whereever, and then press B, to make a “mark” at that point. It will creat a “Label” track with a mark at the point you pressed B;

  3. Then under “File”, select “Export Multiple”, and in the dialog screen that comes up select MP3 as export format (you might also want to select “numbering consecutivly”).

That should do it.

Hope That Helps,