Split MP3 and then Batch add Silence?

Hello folks, hoping you guys can help me with the following.

I have a single MP3 file made up of a number of questions/sentences, I would like to:

–batch split the questions into separate MP3 files
–once split, I would like to add say 4 seconds of silence at the start of each of these questions
–then finally, batch save them as individual MP3 files instead of one large one. Would like the individual files to be numbered from 1 and onwards.

I’m using Audacity 3.3.2 on a Mac.

Thank you.

Is that all?

I suppose you could run Analyze > Sound Finder to mark your queries, then Export Multiple to create WAV files. (I would create intermediate files in WAV format as there is accumulate damage every time you export as MP3).

Then you could create a macro that could Generate 4 seconds of silence at the start of a track, then export. The macro might have to Select a start and end time of 0 relative to the Project Start. Good Luck!

See also: Macros - Audacity Manual

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