split long multi-tune track into selectable tunes

I recorded a 73 minute long live performance of my brother’s band. I’ve managed to edit it as far as removing extraneous ‘noise’ (pauses by the band, conversation, etc). I converted/saved the result as a WAV file, and found that VLC played it very nicely… but still as one unbroken 73 minute piece. I want there to be a break at each tune so in a CD player I can select each track. HOW? I’m flummoxed! Thanks!

If you burn an audio CD using a [u]Cue Sheet[/u] you can keep the long WAV file and specify the track marker times. I usually start with a known good cue sheet and edit it with Windows Notepad. Then I burn with [u]ImgBurn[/u].

If you want WAV, FLAC or MP3 files you’ll generally need to make separate tracks for each song. Tracks or chapters are only standard on the “shiny disc” formats, not computer files. If you download an album (live or otherwise) from Amazon you get separate files for each sing.

Certain players (maybe VLC) may be able to play the one-long file from the cue sheet (showing the song titles and allowing you to skip forward or backward) but I’m not sure.

If you want to use computer files (rather than an audio CD), tagging (embedded album/artist/title/etc.) is not well supported for WAV files. But the WAV metadata written by Audacity does seem to be read by Windows Media Player. It’s also not standard on CD players, although some support [u]CD-Text[/u]. When you play a CD on the computer, the software takes a “fingerprint” and it finds the information (and artwork) in an online database. Of course, your homemade CD won’t be in the database. With any standard “computer format”, you can have only one embedded title per file.

“Gapless” playback (of separate song files) is sometimes problematic with MP3s. FLAC or AAC may be better choices.