'Split Line Auto-Merge' Issue


The only post I could find about this problem is here:

I was just wondering if the issue has been solved.When I used an earlier version of Audacity (in 2011), I was continuously frustrated about not being able to keep the split lines when I added an audio clip to the editor. I also couldn’t keep the split lines when I was doing general editing of my track.

So, is there a way to keep the editing split lines when I’m adding a clip to a track? Is there also a way to keep the split lines when removing parts of a track? Lastly, could I add split lines to an imported track?

Thank you!!

There is no feature to keep a split line when clicking close enough to merge it. I have added your “vote” for this.

No and I don’t think there should be if the split line is in the region you are deleting. However you can enable Cut Lines in Tracks Preferences to retain a line at a point where you cut audio.

Not automatically. Could you use labels for some of your editing purposes? Click in the label to restore the cursor point or region that label relates to. You can export and import label tracks (in the File Menu).

Can you say more about the educational use cases you are working with?


Thank you for answering my questions.

I think I put my query in the wrong group (I wanted to leave it in one of the the ‘Audio’ groups, but somehow that didn’t happen). I apologize. Please move my post to an appropriate section.

I’m using Audacity to edit speeches and I need to have visual cues for where I add each new clip.

It doesn’t fall into an obvious category but I moved it to “Audiobook Production” as it may interest those making audiobooks. Is that good enough?