Split File into smaller files

Hi Guys,

I have a file which is about 8 hours long, Is it possible to automatically split the file into segments by time ie; 10 minute segments.

Thanks in Advance

Try Tools > Regular Interval Labels, then File > Export Audio > Export Range > Multiple Files, Split Files Based on > Labels.

Try it with a smaller file first.

Hi Jademan, this worked after a fashion :). After importing the file you have to select all CTRL A, then follow your procedure mentioned. A pop up box appears there are 2 menu items that are important, 1/ “Number of labels” and 2/ “Label interval (seconds)”. I worked out that if you want to split a file into segments In my case an audio book into 10 minute segments you need to set the seconds to 600 (10 mins) would be nice if you could change that to minutes, and 2/ using as in my case as an example, the file was 3 hours 47minutes. Divide that by 10 minutes segments equalls 22, + 1 for the odd minutes left over and away you go.

The only shortfall is the naming convention. Would be nice to tell Audacity to name all the labels (which would now be the segments) from the file name and to number the segments automatically. If it does this, I don’t know how.

Thanks again.

Ps the segments oly export 1 at a time, so there is a small waiting period ;(

UPDATE : In the drop down menu another item is called "Label text: " There you can put the name you want, also 2 items down is another menu called "Begin numbering from : eg: if you enter “my Segments” then begin numbering for 1, Audacity will name all the Segments and number them for you as well, Win Win : :slight_smile:

Yes Yes: :grinning:

Also, you can Edit > Labels and/or File > Export/Import > Labels should you wish to do your own thing…

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