Split and Spread / Open A Track

Apologies if this is an obvious thing that I could figure out on my own but…

I need to open an existing track up in order to insert some new content into it.

I know how to split tracks, but I haven’t figured out how to ‘spread’ them unless I’m at the last clip in the track. Then, I know, I can use the little ‘palm’ thing to drag that last clip to the right as far as I need to.

But if I’m in the middle of the track… how do I open it up, or spread the space between two segments, to make room for the new stuff?



If you tick “Editing a clip can move other clips” you don’t have to make room

If you need to split/spread a track …

To drag multiple clips, first make a selection that includes all of the clips.

I have been using <cmd+I> a lot to split tracks. And I can move the clip to the right to make room if need be. But I if there are other clips after the one I am trying to move, it won’t let me.

And mirror-likewise, when I remove a segment, it creates a gap between the end of that clip and the clip that follows, and that gap gets larger as I go through the file. Is there any way to get all the clips to move up at once? I see the comment below about selecting the whole thing, but… is there a command that can select “this clip and everything to the right of it” when I’m ready to close a gap?



Use Shift+K to select all audio from the current cursor position to the end of the track.