Split and join tracks

Hi Folks, can someone please explain how to split tracks from my dj mix on audacity into several smaller tracks (which I have learnt how to do) but then join those tracks simultaneously so there is no gap between tracks when I play the dj mix, and can forward/rewind through the tracks. When I play the split tracks thorough iTunes as playlist, there is a minor pause between the tracks.

Many compressed audio formats (such as MP3) have a bit of padding at the start, which sounds like a small “pause”. WAV, FLAC and OGG formats do not have that limitation.

Thanks for the reply Steve. I record set thorough audacity and split tracks and export as wav file. The gap is like quarter of a second and not big issue but was trying to see if I could join seamlessly

If you’re getting a gap with WAV files, it’s probably a quirk in your player software.

With MP3 there is some [u]added silence[/u] at the beginning and end of the file that you’ll see if you re-open the file in Audacity and zoom-in.

Of course, there can be silence at the beginning or end of a WAV file but you won’t see any added silence when you save and re-open the file.

Some DJ software has automatic crossfading which will care of the problem and sometimes there is a “gap killer” option to skip-over silence without crossfading. There is a 3rd-party “smart crossfade” plugin for Winamp but for me it always caused playback “glitches”. SAM DJ has a very-similar “looking” smart crossfader but SAM DJ isn’t free and I’ve never tried it. The smart crossfade can be set to cross when a certain threshold is reached. So for example, I had it set-up to start the next track when the 1st track drops to about -12dB. I didn’t use any additional fade-out or fade-in so I get a “DJ style” crossfade (overlap). The Winamp version can also be set-up as a “gap killer” with no crossfade and I assume you can do the same with SAM DJ.

Thanks for the useful info. I have a mate that uses a paid online music tool from cfbsoftware which has a few tools for recording and the wavjoiner tool lets you split tracks and then joins tracks with no glitches so essentially he records a one hour 15 track dj set and splits the mix into the 15 tracks and then joins the tracks and the mix plays with no breaks but you can skip/rewind tracks. Might have to invest in 3rd party apps

What audio player is he using?