Speed change - 25fps to 24fps

What would be the correct way to slow down some audio tracks from 25fps to 24fps?

Change Speed effect (https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/change_speed.html)
Speed Multiplier = 0.96

Change Speed is the least damaging of the tools. But. Be very clear the duration of the work and the tonal pitch are both going to change. Change Speed doesn’t have to rip the sound apart and jam it back together again later like some of the other tools. It gently changes everything the same amount.

Keep protection copies of all your work. Don’t have the speed change track be the only copy of that sound in the whole world.

audio tracks from 25fps to 24fps

Are you sure it’s 24.00fps? If you have film/video crosses in the US, they could be running at 23.98fps. That’s 3:2 pulldown in an NTSC video system where 30FPS is really running at 29.97fps. You’ll know if you run into this one because the sound match will be about one frame off per minute.

I’m trying to remember the correction for that. 1000/1001, I think…

Good luck.