Speech -- first part of words lost

I have cassette taped lectures. The speaker often pauses then speaks again. The first sounds of the first word are chopped off each time he starts speaking again .

It seems like the system is doing some kind of “noise gating” so I looked at that “Effect” feature. But apparently “Effects” are only available after the sound file is created. That will not work in this case because the damage has already occurred. I need to minimize gating during the initial recording period.

Is there a way to allow the system to record even when the only sound is the background noise?

You can check that you Windows Audio Enhancements are turned OFF: Disable Audio Enhancements - Microsoft Support

If the tape sounds OK when you play it over speakers, your trouble may be internal to your computer. But if the opening sounds are missing, this could be a “feature” of your original cassette recorder. Some had special, level-detecting circuitry to save tape and battery, only resuming recording once the sound reaches a certain level for a certain time. If this is the case for you, then those first sounds may not have been recorded at all.

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