Spectral View Specific Frequency Pitch Change

I have followed all the YouTube and text tutorials about how to select an specific frequency from the spectral view and, apparently, I get that kind of selection.
But, I want to change only one frequency pitch (let’s say: from C3 to F2), only that isolated frequency pitch.
The only one thing I get is all the spectrum frequencies pitch change (all the notes in that range), which is not what I want.
How can I change the pitch of that specific individual frequency only, without to change the other frequencies in the selected time range?
Can I ? How?
Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!

There’s no easy way to do that and results will probably be weird sounding, but…

You could use a bandpass filter to remove everything above and below C3, leaving only a narrow frequency range around C3. Then pitch-shift that to F2 and export it as a separate file.

I didn’t find a bandpass filter but you can do it in two steps with a high-pass slightly below C3 (leaving C3 and everything above), and then a low-pass filter slightly above C3 (now leaving just a narrow band around C3).

Now re-open the original file and run a Band-Stop Filter to kill the frequency band around C3, leaving everything else.

Use File → Import to open the file with just the pitch-shifted F2 band into the same project.

Now when you play they will be mixed with the “new” F2 information and everything around C3 removed.

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