Spectral Photshop: could Audacity use this FLOSS technology?

ISSE stands for Interactive Sound Separation Editor

It’s like a magic wand tool for audio. I’ve never seen anything like this, and I think this technology could make Audacity a much more valuable tool for us all.

Audio restoration, remixing, forensics - I can imagine how this can change the way we use digital audio.

http://isse.sourceforge.net/ - the demo video greatly explains what’s the deal.

I’ve heard there’s some work being done on spectral editing capabilites of Audacity, but I don’t know if they have to do with this or when we can see some of that working in a stable release.


I’ve just found out a project named ARSS (Analysis-Resynthesis Sound Spectrograph) that is somehow related, as it allows for very basic workflow like ISSE.
It basically allows converting a sound into a spectrogram image, and the resynthesizing that spectrogram back into the sound.

Bless you!

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The free software SPEAR does that … http://www.klingbeil.com/spear/

ISSE is an amazing software with a nice friendly interface. I have tested if it can separate excessive electric-guitar finger noise from music files and it works! The only issue with ISSE is it won’t save files that are over 10 secs, though I’m pretty sure they’ll fix it for the later versions. I’d also like to see it implemented in Audacity, that’d be great! :smiley:


I’ll second that!

It turned out that I simply forgot to turn off the process button (my bad).
Now I can save audio files of any length without issues with ISSE :smiley: