Specific robot voice

I want to do a cover of The music Death by Robot by Feed Me and I want the robot effect too.

I tried to add an echo effect, but in the music, it’s a smooth echo… I really don’t know how to do this…
Thanks to help me in advance.

And sorry for my bad english, french is my main language…

This posting has many hits over 24 hours, but nobody knows how to do the smooth echo or the robot voice in Audacity.

Basic robot voice: Vocoder effect : read the information in the blue section at the top of the page"

Vocoding a normal voice with white noise as provided in the effect will produce a robot-like voice

– Bill

You’ll need a synthesiser , (software or hardware) , to play the melody in a sawtooth waveform.

Record that sawtooth melody in Audacity. Use it as a backing-track and make a recording of you saying* the words in time with the melody. Then use a vocoder in Audacity , ( if you want to hear the words clearly use a high-resolution “TalkBox” vocoder , rather than Audacity’s native vocoder ).

[ * singing not required , the sawwave notes will determine the pitch ].