special sound effect like a stuck record: how to?

I’m not looking for a soundloop of a broken record. I need to add this effect
to an existing song. So the song, instead of playing a long, has to repeat the last word
at some point and sound like a broken record.
Not sure if I’m explaining it correctly, hoping you know what I mean.

Is this possible with audacity?

Thanks in advance for any tips and tricks!

I’d try the following, This assumes you know the basics of working with Audacity.

Go to the word you want to repeat.

Use the magnify feature and enlarge the wave form.

Select the part you want to copy,
As you want a “Broken Record Sound” and presumably it’s attendant click as the needle jumps I choose to start and / or end the selection where the wave form is as far above the zero line as possible.

Paste your word where you want it. Note if you have music on other tracks you will need to select them as well.
Use Select on all tracks in the edit menu.

Hope this helps.

See also http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Effect_Menu#repeat