Spastic Cursor in Audacity (Recording and Playback)

When I watch the Audacity recording/playback cursor on my Macbook Pro, it does not move smoothly; it always jumps. In comparison, when I’ve used Audacity on my pc, the cursor has always moved smoothly. I don’t notice any sonic interruption with the Mac, but the screen motion looks spastic. Have others seen this on a Mac with Audacity when recording or playing audio? What’s causing the spastic cursor, and is there a way to tweak the settings to stop it from happening?

How powerful is the machine and how many other things are running? Live audio (and video) is very stressful for a machine and you can run out of machine power very quickly.

Restart the machine and shut down WiFi and Bluetooth. Disconnect the network if you have a wired connection. Open a show and play it. Did the condition improve? Did it change at all?

How long is the show? You can create problems with a very long show coupled with an almost full hard drive.


We have an “issue” open for it - it can happen on Windows too.

The uneven motion when recording doesn’t necessarily mean that the recording is at risk of dropouts or glitches.