Space bar issue

Hello y’ all

I down loaded 2.1.3 last week. Everything went well, except for the odd behavior of my space bar.When I make an edit now, then hit space bar it runs about 5 secs and returns to previous point. The next time I make an edit and hit space bar the cursor keeps going. The latter is what I prefer. Is there any place in Audacity to change the alternating stoppage and going? It didn’t used to stop prior to 2.1.3. By the way, I often use the X key now which is cool - but I wonder is my space bar doing it’s own thing and how do I rein it in?


If there is a “selected” region, then “Play” (whether started with the spacebar, the Play button, or the menu command), will play the selection then stop when it gets to the end and return the cursor to the initial play position. If there is no selection, then play will start from the current cursor position and play to the end of the project.
Is that not happening?

The X key and the “green arrow” work as you said. The space bar - goes to the end and returns every other time. Bad space bar! i :smiley: :unamused: :neutral_face: i
s there an option to fix it? If not, I can live without it and just double punch it or use green arrow or X.


What is the “X key” that you are referring to? Are you referring to the “Play/Stop and Set Cursor” shortcut?

Is there a selection?
I must be doing something different from you because I don’t see a problem. Please give precise step by step instructions for how to reproduce the issue.

Hi Steve,

What I do is: after using the punch edit you originally wrote about using the 2nd channel and mix and render/ Then I use the space bar to listen to the joined audio.
The first time I tap it the audio plays and stops in 5 secs and goes back to edit point.
Then I tap again and it starts and runs to the end of the recording, which is how it used to work pre: 2.1.3.

I am not complaining - I love Audacity and all the work you have all done! I am asking if I can fix my space bar to work as before. If not I can work around with the green arrow start.


The behaviour that I see is as I’ve previously described:
If there is a selected region, then play will stop at the end of the selected region.
If there is not a selected region, then play will continue to the end of the project.
In both cases, pressing Space again while Audacity is playing will stop playback.

It’s cool Steve!