sox resampler with more options

i run audacity 2.3.3 under w10 and windows 7 , under macos too mojave and high sierra

i guess audacity under windows does use sox as resampler

is there a way to have more option when I resample from 96k or 48k to 44.1k?
are there some plugins?


Audacity uses “soxr” for resampling (on all platforms). This is the same resampling library as used in SoX.

No. There are only the 4 preset options (plus the “dither” options). The presets were designed specifically for Audacity by the developer that wrote the soxr library. The 32-bit integer options are missing because Audacity works internally in 32-bit float.

Hi Steve
i find these 4 presets and dithers on the preferences only right?
thanks Steve

Yes. “Preferences > Quality”