sources for more info - home recording mix/master etc

here is a try at a list of other forums with useful info
emphasis is on technique although some of them do have specific subforums for specific software or devices

would be nice if we had a way to create a poll so we could rate these as to usefulness

another list on equipment sources is being posted separately

forums and related infosources on the net with info on home recording and related topics
general forums - not vendor specific - not hardware specific - not software specific - not pc type specific
pointers to many other sites of interest
links to online vendors, magazines, equipment, parts, other music recording sites
many tutorials on the home studio and recording
links to how to resources including glossary
pointers to many related toopics
forums and articles archive
forums faqs tutorials
vendor with info and forums
recording institute of detroit
good glossary , articles, tips
database (INCOMPLETE) of forums
articles , tips, more

free dowload recording engr handbook
alternate sites ? (or similar book ?)
Bobby Owsinski: The recording engineer’s handbook (link removed)
many forum areas for home recording pc music
forums - appear more advanced for serious biz related users
unclear what they have
offlien when visited
forums and articles

Some good ones there whomper.
I’ve removed the links to Bobby Owsinski’s book “The recording engineer’s handbook” on RapidShare as there may be copyright problems there.
The book is available from Amazon (now in its second edition), and the majority (though not all) of it is available (free) on Google Books.

There are also several other books by the same author available from Google books:"Bobby+Owsinski"

(Google Books checks for copyright permission to publish books/extracts, whereas RapidShare are often accused of allowing the distribution of material that infringes on copyright and licensing terms.)